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Assorted Accessories
Assorted Accessories

At the front of the shop you can find some of our most popular accessories, which in most cases provide the perfect finishing touch to your costume.

This includes 'instant' kits, pictured on the top of the wall, containing 2 or 3 items for an immediate costume.

We have a good selection of weapons on the wall and in the red crate, including guns, chainsaws, knives, sickles, axes, nunchuks and swords for Knights, Musketeers and Romans.

We also have plenty of jewellery to add to your outfit, including medallions, crucifixes, gold chains, beads, clip-on earrings and bangles.

For 1920s Flappers and Gangsters there are cigarette holders, long pearls, headdresses, ties, braces, spats and Tommy guns.

Further to this we also stock 1960s, 1970s, Cleopatra, Grecian, Hawaiian, Sherlock Holmes, Big Baby, Policewoman and Dracula accessories.

Our two metre feather boas are stocked in an array of mixed and plain colours and are priced at a reasonable 7.65.

Please phone 01425 620300 for any further information about these products.

Assorted Accessories

40 Old Milton Road, New Milton, Hampshire BH25 6DX

01425 620300