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  We offer foil and latex balloons for either helium or air filling. A single helium-filled foil balloon (18") costs from 3.25 each. A single helium-filled latex balloon costs 1 each.

A table decoration with three helium-filled latex balloons is 6.25.
A table decoration with five helium-filled latex balloons is 8.25.
A table decoration with three helium-filled foil balloons is 11.95.

Other variations are available, please feel free to ask.

We hold all the age related, hen party, congratulatory, christening and wedding balloons, and are happy to order in special requests.

On the links below, you can see examples of our balloon decor.
Floor Decoration - x4 pink & white with wedding foil
Table Decoration - age 18 pink
Table Decoration - age 50; blue, red and purple
Table Decoration - black & white
Table Decoration - blue & ivory "Stuffie"
Table Decoration - blue & white
Table Decoration - green & gold
Table Decoration - Olympic colours
Table Decoration - pink & magenta
Table Decoration - pink & silver "Stuffie"
Table Decoration - purple & black "Stuffie"
Table Decoration - purple & gold
Table Decoration - purple & lilac
Table Decoration - purple heart & silver star foils
Table Decoration - red, gold & green
Table Decoration - red, gold & green "Stuffie"
Table Decoration - red, white and blue
Table/Floor Decoration - burgundy, midnight blue & age 40

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