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1605 Farthingale
16th Century Shirts
1815 Man
1890s Walking Coat
18th Century Coat
18th Century Man
1911 Evening dress
1920s Chauffeur
1920s Style Dress
1930s Evening Gown
1940s Day Dress
1940s Evening Gown
1940s Utility Dress
1960s Mens Suit
1960s Spylet
1960s Stretch Catsuit
1960s Style Two Tone Dress
1970s Catsuit Men
1970s Disco
1970s Girl
1970s Glam Suit
1970s Jumpsuit
1970s Man
1970s Menswear
1970s Three Piece Suit
1980s Coned Basque
19th Century Lady
Asymmetric Dress
Bunny/Super Girl
Bustle Dress
Celtic Shirt
Charles 1 Noblewoman
Clown Suit
Colonial Officer
Corset Dress
Country Squire
Dickensian Bonnets
Edwardian Corset
Edwardian Day Suit
Elizabethan Court Dress
Elizabethan Lady
Elizabethan Noblewoman
Elizabethan Style Ruff
Empire Lady
Flamenco Dress
Frilly Shirt and Waistcoat
Gangster Suit
Georgian Sask Back Dress
Gibson Style Girl
Glam Goddess
Glam King / Clown Coat
God of Thunder
Grecian Man
Grecian Woman
Henry VIII Part 1
Henry VIII Part 2
Home Guard
Inverness Coat
Japanese Man
King of Siam
Ladies Car Coat (1920s)
Ladies Character Dress
Ladies Gangster Jacket
Ladies Stretchwear
Ladies Tailcoat
Lady in Waiting
Lancastrian Lady
Man's Cloak
Mary Tudor
Medieval Dress
Medieval Headwear
Medieval Jester
Medieval Prince
Mens Stretchwear
Mens Tailcoat
Norfolk Suit
Norman Lady
Norman Nobleman
Norman Noblewoman
Panto Frockcoat
Polonaise Dress
Prince Charming
Principal Boy
Puritan Man
Royalist Lady
Royalist Man
Saloon Girl
Saxon Man
Saxon Woman
Scarlet O Hara
Sequin Sister
Sheriff of Nottingham
Sir Thomas More
Smoking Jacket
Stuart Gent
Teddy Boy
Tudor Fool
Tudor Headdresses
Tudor Lady
Tudor Man
Two Man Base
Victorian - Gent
Victorian Blouse
Victorian Corset
Victorian Female
Victorian Lady
Western Singer
Yorkist Lady
Zoot Suit

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