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1900's Edwardian Dress
1910's Edwardian Frock Coat
1910's Maids
1920's Bathers
1920's Blazer & Boater
1920's Dress (Beaded Fringe)
1920's Dress (Fringed)
1920's Dress (Lace)
1920's Dress (Sequined)
1920's Gangster
1920's Golfer
1920's Smoking Jacket
1940's British Army
1940's Dress & Spiv
1940's Dress (Evening Gown)
1940's Dress (Floral)
1940's Glen Miller
1940's Nurse
1940's Skirt Suit
1940's Zoot suit
1950's Lady (2-piece)
1950's Pink Lady
1950's Prom Dress
1950's Skirt and Blouse
1950's T Birds Jacket
1950's Teddyboy
1960's Beatles (Nehru Suit)
1960's Beatles (Sgt Pepper)
1960's Dress
1960's Dress (Mods)
1960's Lady & Chauffeur
1960's/70's Dress (Long Sleeve)
1960's/70's Hippy
1960's/70's Shirt & Flares
1960s/70s couple
1970's Bay City Roller
1970's Jumpsuit (Abba-style)
1970's Jumpsuit (Halterneck)
1970's Jumpsuit (Male)
1970's Lady (Dress)
1970's Lady (Elvis)
1970's Lady (Hotpants)
1970's Lady (Two-piece)
1970's Lady and Gent
1970's Suit
1970's/80's Punk Dress
1970's/80's Punk Girl
1970's/80's Punk Man (Sex Pistols)
1980's Boy George
1980's Bucks Fizz
1980's Cyndi Lauper (Dress)
1980's Cyndi Lauper (Skirt & Corset)
1980's Dynasty style
1980's Lady (2-piece)
1980's Madonna (Burlesque W1)
1980's Toyah (1980's W4)
1980s TV Presenter

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